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Let Lussier Custom Homes Contractor estimate your new home

Easy and fast to do your first estimate, yet built-in to EasyEst is all the tools to do the most complex estimating too!

What we do...

When it comes to estimating, all users have unique needs and expectations, we understand that training methods for you may be unique as well.

We want you to know we are here to fit into your methods as best we can.

This means if you are the kind of person that likes to figure things out yourself, we have provided in EasyEst a built-in help system available to you also “How-to” videos 24/7.

But like most of us a little help now and then is all we need and we are just a phone call away to assist you.

EasyEst Estimating Software is a one size fits all product.

What this means is that when you purchase EasyEst Estimating Software, the system includes all features and functions you will most likely ever need!

What makes our system able to meet your needs is the bid items used for the type of work you do. You can have as many or as few sets of bid data (PriceBooks) set up in EasyEst . Bid items you use to complete an estimate are called PriceBooks and we have them free for most any kind of work you just need to update all the cost in each bid item.

Home Builder-Remodeler-General Contractor-Specialty Contractors

For contractors doing home remodeling and home improvement projects EasyEst includes our Remodel-37 PriceBook database. It includes several templates from bath and kitchen jobs to room addition and exterior and interior renovations. These templates can be easily customized by you to fit your need. They not only save you a lot of time but help make sure you do not forget or miss something.
If you are a home builder or do commercial and tenant improvement work EasyEst includes Home Builder-18 and General Contr. Commercial 33 PriceBooks. You will need to update all cost and modify items to meet your needs.

We offer zip code adjusted priceBooks

From Craftsman Book Company we have available Commercial Construction, Residential  Construction, Home Improvement and Insurance-Restoration data $74 each. Read more…


Whether you do small repairs, remodeling or build large commercial projects or anything in between, from Residential, General Construction,  Industrial, or Utilities, EasyEst Estimating Software can do it!

Specialty Contractors

When it comes to all specialty trades EasyEst can be used, but we work very well with these: Concrete, Drywall-Metal Framing, and Painting.

About EasyEst Estimating Software

  • Why the low Price? The low price is because EasyEst has long since sold enough copies to pay for our development cost (and then some) so we are passing the saving on to all our NEW users
  • One of the best and most unique how-to help systems.
  • If you stick with us we will stick with you through out your adoption of EasyEst.
  • Works with QuickEye electronic plan takeoff.
  • EasyEst Estimating Software has been used by thousands of successful contractors for over 40 years.
  • For beginners or Power users this is a dream system.
  • With EasyEst you can do a detailed line item takeoff or use unit cost.
  • With our spreadsheet export you can send any list for additional processing.
  • No need to purchase a second license – Price includes 2 installations.

EasyEst Estimating Software Overview

EasyEst Estimating “Super Assemblies”

EasyEst Estimating Will Work For You or Your Money Back!

Do not let the low price be your indicator of value. For over 35 years we have been adding very powerful features that will give you all the benefits of a very pricey estimating system. During the 1980’s our early versions were distributed by private label to companies such as Timberline, A-System, Libra, Software Shop, CDCI and many more.

Whether your estimating requirements are simple unit cost or you need material order quantities and labor hours, EasyEst Estimating Software will do the job and at a price any contractor can afford!

Supplying estimating software to the construction industry

Contractors We Serve!



More about EasyEst for Home Builders



More about EasyEst for Commercial



More about EasyEst for Home Improvement

For Sub-Contractors see list of data below.

EasyEst Estimating Software for most trades

upon request, all the PriceBooks (databases) listed below are available to help you get started fast!

The PriceBooks below can save you hours of typing in all the items. Please note all cost will have to be adjusted up.

Easy to customize

  • The Tool Bar under the top menus and the View Bar on the left side can be un-docked and located anywhere on the screen.
  • You can remove from view everything except the top menu.
  • On the Bid Item list add and remove columns and arrange in any order.
  • All windows can be moved and resized (EasyEst remembers Location and size).

Customize Video

Our 30 Day Guarantee Is Iron Clad, Period!

ONLY $ 299

30 Day Money Back – Absolutely Risk Free – Includes data for most trades free! (just update prices)

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