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EasyEst Simplicity - in action

Our ultra light weight  simple and easiest to use version may be all you need especially if you are currently using a computer spreadsheet like Excel.  In Excel it is so easy for costs to be miscalculated. EasyEst Simplicity is a true database driven software program. and you can count on accurate calculations.
When viewing videos to enlarge viewing area click the square cornered box at the right edge of the video controls as pictured just below.

Starting new Bid

6 minute video 
Enter your items for the new bid
Add bid quantity &  unit of measure 
Choose any of these  cost types, material, labor, subcontractor, other.
Add markups you wish and finally view reports.

Save time - set up your data...

7 1/2 minutes video
Choose to create your own Price Book(database) or...
Use the included Remodeling database (Price book)
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.
You will need to update all cost and modify items as needed.

Building your own custom Price Book...

6 1/2 minutes
For many contractors using a spreadsheet, Simplicity is a good option.
By creating  your own data know what is included in each item. 
All included reports will work for your own data.
Can be done as you do bids using our update to PB feature.

Only $39

In 1982 we began to use computers for Estimating, Scheduling and Accounting. Over the years we’ve learned how to get the most value from this technology. CSC Software has been supplying software and training to estimators in the construction field since 1986…

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