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EasyEst Lite - in action

If you have been using the "unit cost" method of estimating, EasyEst "Lite" is your choose. And we have included an easy to use way for you to use labor productive rates so you can get labor hours needed for any or all tasks.

When viewing videos to enlarge viewing area click the square cornered box at the right edge of the video controls as pictured just below.

Up to 5 Cost Per Bid Item

4.4 minute video
Cost types - Material, Labor, Equipment, Subcontractor...
Labor Crews with labor hours
Includes remodeling data with over 9,000 items

Pre-Defined Formulas

4.4 minute video 
A brief video demonstrating the power of formulas

More Benefits...

11 minute video 
Configure all list to fit your needs with our "Select Columns to Display"
"Cross Reference" - See Video...
Add Memos to any line item - Choose to print or hide on reports
EasyEst unique "Tag" feature