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Unit Cost
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If an item in the bid is a 12" x 12" footing and you have 200 lineal feet, the unit cost might be $3.515 for material and $1.145 for labor equaling $4.66 a lineal foot for a total of $1,230.24

EasyEst "Unit-Cost" uses Unit Cost Only


This feature lets you use order quantity cost and converts from bid quantity to order unit. So the same items would have a material cost of $95 a cubic yard and a labor cost of $22.90 per hour. In addition to the total cost of $4.66 per lineal foot you also get material of 7-1/2 cubic yards of concrete at a cost of $703 and 10 hours of labor at a cost of $229

EasyEst "Pro Plus" can use Unit Cost or Order Quantity method

Sample of a Unit Cost Item
Sample of an Order Quantity Item