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Screen Shots

Main view - list of items in current bid - almost all item details can be changed for current bid.

Our unique Item and Assembly selection makes it a snap to find what you need

Easy to add Markups.

Summary totals for Cost Types.

Summary totals by Division.

Summary totals by Sub-Division.


Just a few of over 100 reports

With our included custom report module you can modify or create any number of new reports.

Cost Data Available


You can add or delete items and change almost anything in our PriceBooks.

FREE with you purchase of EasyEst

Click this symbol Dowwload to Download PB or click on a PriceBook description to view PB Items

NCE PriceBooks - $74 ea.

If you are with a start up (new) contractor or just want data with cost included, we have PriceBook data below from the Craftsman Book Company. These include labor productive rates (which change very little over the years).

Craftsman National Cost Book data

See video Using Craftsman NCE Pricing Data

Using Craftsman NCE Pricing Data


Craftsman NCE Commercial Contractor

$74 each
Preview - NCE Commercial

Craftsman NCE Residential Contractor

$74 each
Preview - NCE Residential

Craftsman NCE Home Improvement

$74 each
Preview - NCE Home Improvement

Craftsman NCE Renovation & Insurance Repair

$74 each
Preview - NCE Renovation & Insurance Repair

EasyEst Estimating "Pro-Plus" only $199.00

EasyEst "Pro-Plus" includes all available options and any of the PriceBooks listed as "free" above (excluding Craftsman NCE price book data). Also note this software does NOT lock it self to one computer, this means there is NO additional fee when you need to re-install or install on more than one computer.

R Sandoval Consulting - (619)399-2322

For remodeling contractors

Stick with us, we will stick with you, through out your adoption of EasyEst.

Kitchecn remodel area

Bathroom remodel area

Room addition area

Second story room add area

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  • EasyEst "Pro-Plus" Now Only $199.00